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Are you getting enough ?

Sleep is an important part of our life cycle and well being and yet it seems to be generally ignored. Missing sleep is sometimes seen as a technique to get more done… Far from being productive it can lead to a loss of performance and ill health. Go to some or all of the links below.

The dangerous effects of sleep deprivation Click >>

  Your Brain on no sleep Click > >

Sleep, energy and Health   Click > >

Sleep: Necessary. Important. A severely underestimated tool.

Stress and Mental Health

Do employers and employees really understand the effect of stress on mental and physical health? Article from Psychcentral.

DO You?

Understanding Stress, A half day programme for up to 20 participants

Mindsnax…Feed your Mind

These links will take you to articles and ideas for the curious Mind.

Mindsnax Flipboard Click>>

It’s U R Mind

Feed It

A repeat of the highly successful programme held last year.

. See More >>

Martin Wyse

Advanced Linguistic Skills Workshop

News and Articles

This page will be updated with links articles programmes news and views.

Dream Walking

A one day programme (limited to 10 places)

Exploring the use of Dreams and Dreaming in areas such as increasing creativity, supporting self awareness and self healing, enhancing decision making and unconscious congruence, and adding new tools to coaching and therapy.

17th January 2015. London Waterloo. (Interesting and very relaxed venue) Fully booked.New date soon,see more for further info and waiting list.

See more >>